Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall in Eastport - 5807 NM88

Hello from 5807 NM88!!
rach & sol on the garage roof!

We need a name for our place! 5807 NM88 is so generic and bland. I wish our road was called "White Pine Lane" or "Birch Pond Drive" and then our address would sound beautiful.  But, isn't making up a name for your place pretentious? I mean, houses with names are usually mansions on the lake or huge farms with hundreds of acres. Hmmm. To be continued on that thought.

So fall is officially here in Northern Michigan! The trees have turned vibrant, the air is crisp but the sun is warm. Today is one of the most beautiful fall days we have had this year! Last year is too long ago to remember the exact weather, so let's just say today is the most beautiful fall day ever!

I'm inspired to write today because there is so much new progress on the house! 

Solomon has been working hard on replacing exterior boards and staining. The outside is looking great with the facelift! We are still waiting for cedar shakes that will cover the top peaks and dormers. 

We are also working on laying the bamboo flooring in the master bedroom and closet! Phil, Solomon and I had a floor-laying party last weekend and got most of the closet done. :). I can't wait to move back into the bedroom! Getting the flooring done and the walls painted are the last two essential steps! At the same time we bought the bamboo we purchased the bathroom flooring also, but I think that project is a long way off!

Sol is working on installing a new furnace, but while we wait for the parts we are out of heat! So- with the help of Big Ron's muscles (and truck) we pulled out the old, cracked fireplace and brought it to our new buddy, Rod, who is an awesome welder!  A few weeks later, we are now getting the fireplace up and running! This time around Phil helped push, pull and shove until we got it back in place and hooked up! Having our first fire was so awesome! Not only was it warm and beautiful but it felt great getting one of the thousand things fixed in this house! Little by little we are making this place a home!

Thanks to Robyn for scoring some awesome marble tiles for free! Right now they're just sitting on the ledge but I think eventually we will get them set and grouted there!

Sol pulled the last of the tomatoes out of the garden this morning. Some are still green, but I used the ripe ones to me some chili! We were so busy the beginning of the summer that I know we never would have found the time to plant. I showed up one day and Phil was putting in 12 tomato plants and some squash! He got me inspired and I planted the sunflowers and cosmos! 

I am thoroughly enjoying this fall day and feeling so grateful! 

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