Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Was a Workout!!

The Home Depot delivered a semi-truck full of materials. We carried them all in from the driveway and the garage. This was our Crossfit WOD!

Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing on Torch Lake!

Good Friends, Cold Weather, No Furnace

Shout out to our peeps Robyn and Allen! Thanks for all of your help and for toughing it out without a furnace! This winter saw multiple camp-outs in the living room in front of the only heat source, a pellet stove!

Check out Robyn cleaning those cabinets! We also shoveled 5 feet of snow off the deck, cleaned and inch of grease off the stove and washed windows that hadn't seen real sun shine through for YEARS!

It's Cold and My Dad is a Mountain Man

Thanks Dad for helping us "pick" the house. We never saw this beast until after we had purchased it! We trusted Big Ron's expert opinion and made our decision in the short but mandated 15 minutes to give an offer.  With multiple offers, they weren't waiting for us to see the house!

5807 N M88 - Listing Photos - THE BEGINNING!

Here are photos from the original MLS listing of our house!  This is where we began this winter!